“Wow! Gene really knows his stuff. My husband and I were so incredibly impressed by his knowledge of the Washington D.C. area that we referred several of our friends to him immediately. His professionalism and clear level of competence was obvious from the start. Simply put, Gene and his team took our stress away. If we had been left on our own to try and navigate such a complex real estate market as D.C. we would have spent hours searching and still had no clue about true market values! Thank you for everything, Gene, we are so thrilled with our new townhome!

M. VanMeter, Washington, D.C.

“Dear Gene, You are such an expert at what you do! When we bought our first house, we were highly disappointed with the customer service from our broker. You and your team were a far better fit! After that first meeting I could feel such a difference and by the day we signed on the dotted line to close our first horse estate, I knew we had made a great choice working with a seasoned KW veteran like you. Gene, you were a great negotiator and clearly understood how to position our offer so the seller accepted immediately. I am so glad we had your guidance through this process! The future of our business has a new home.”

B. Taylor, Sterling, VA

“My wife and I finally purchased our manor last summer after shopping for many months. Dissatisfied with our previous broker because we felt like she wasn’t in tune with our needs, we turned to Gene. It was clear from the first meeting that Gene understood the Northern VA luxury market better than anyone else in the region. We were able to make an offer on the property we eventually purchased before it hit the market because of Gene’s connections. We felt very secure that Gene’s negotiations provided bottom dollar for the amount of home and land we received. He was an absolute pro.

R. and M. Johnson, Middleburg, VA

“While waiting for my United States citizenship, I fell in love with Washington D.C.! Investing in a multi-family unit just felt like a smart financial move so I contacted Keller Williams and was referred to Gene Mock because of his global real estate understanding. Gene seemed to have his finger on the pulse of the D.C. market and showed me some great properties. I eventually fell in love with an aging property on a prime street. I was able to consult with a contractor before making an offer and Gene guided me through the American real estate process with ease. Today, I am enjoying a home in the Georgetown neighborhood while tenants make my mortgage payments!”

F. Al Ramahi, Washington, D.C.

My job duties require me to foster real estate connections all over the United States. I manage hundreds of millions of dollars in trust funds and must oversee annual inspections, valuations, and sales of trust-owned properties. When a beneficiary requested a relocation to Northern Virginia, I was referred to Gene as a broker I could trust to handle a complex trust transaction. My colleague was absolutely correct! Gene’s professionalism was evident from our first conversation and his team was able to handle all of my compliance requests down to the letter. Rarely do I take the time to leave a testimonial, but he left such a positive impression on me that I had to!”

T. Freese, Chicago, IL

I thought it would be difficult moving to a new area, but Gene made it easy! From seeing the properties on the website – to the information he provided prior to my relocation, this was the easiest move I ever made.

Tony S, Manassas, VA

I highly recommend Gene and his wife Monica if you are in the market to sell your home. I am quite sure that this team would also bend over backwards to help in the purchase of a new home as well. Their expertise and attention to detail in getting our home sold in a matter of days was more than we could ever imagine. This is a team you do not want to skip over! They are amazing, dedicated and the most generous in their time and efforts. We will be forever grateful to them.

N. Barnes, Lovettsville, VA