Relocating to Northern Virginia

What You Need to Know About Relocating to Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia attracts those looking for employment opportunities, outstanding education institutions of higher learning, relatively affordable real estate prices and a rich cultural heritage.

Proximity to Washington, DC

If your primary criteria for moving here is proximity to Washington, DC, you’ll want to invest in real estate in one of the main metro areas that make up the greater Washington DC Metro Region. These would include Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Loudoun, Prince William in Northern Virginia. The more populated counties of Fairfax (that includes Alexandria) and Arlington offer mass transportation in the forms of the Metroline and transit buses. For areas further “outside the beltway” the Metroline is constantingly moving outward. Loudoun County will have the Silver Metro Line to Dulles International Airport by 2018. Transportation by bus is also an option.

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Technology Corridor Attracts Relocations to Northern Virginia

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Northern Virginia is a prime attraction for those relocating to the area, both nationally and internationally. The Washington Dulles International Airport area has been dubbed the “Silicon Valley of the East.” It’s location near a major international airport provides a great location for numerous government contractors, defense companies, management consultants and more. Tech sectors are spread out all over the Northern Virginia area that offer excellent opportunities for residents.

Cost of Living in Northern Virginia

Residents living in Northern Virginia will be able to make their money go further and enjoy lower prices of everything from entertainment to buying groceries and utilizing professional services. Cost of living in Virginia is lower than many other places in the U.S., ranking 99 while the national as a whole ranks 100th in the world.


Northern VA Quality of Life

Northern Virginia is one of the most affluent parts of the country and has one of the best qualifies of life. Fairfax and Loudoun Counties are the top grossing countries in the country in terms of income for residents. Northern Virginia has become an extremely popular destination for international relocation thanks to its high standard of living and the availability of excellent jobs, relatively low cost of living and ease of accessing Washington, DC and other surrounding cities and cultural areas. Those trends are continuing to play a significant role well into the future.

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Relocating to Northern Virginia



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